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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does anyone can take singing classes?

    Yes, we do accept students of all ages and various levels of advancement.

    What is the benefit of singing?

    Well, everyone is different. Everyone takes different things out of each class and singing experience itself. It is also proved, that singing classes does boost your mood, helps beating stress, anxiety and improving overall confidence of singer.

    What type of music can I sing?

    It depends on yourself. You will be able to choose the music which is close to your heart. However each class will start with warm up, learning basics of correct breathing, sound support and tension free voice practice.

    From what age kids can start vocal classes?

    We teach kids from their age of 7. Younger kids don’t have their voice chords strong enough to start professional tutorship of vocal classes. It is very important to protect kids voice until they are 15 should they decide to do it professionally.

    Is it too late to learn singing if you are an adult?

    Learn singing is never too late. There are number of examples where people did reach great popularity regardless their age and late start.

    What type of classes do you offer?

    We do offer both, singing and group classes. For best results we do offer individual lessons, however group classes are also beneficial and financially more effective for students.

    Are you taking students with bad singing habits?

    We do come across quite a bit if incorrect practices. These practices could quite detrimental for people singing career if not addressed on time. Mostly bad practices come from not having basics right (which then being compensated by wrong techniques imitating sound power).

    How does assessing classes work?

    Assessment would take place during your first class. These could be anything from simple exercise to short theme singing where we do access your voice type, range, fluency, breathing support, positioning etc.

    Does singing classes help fighting public fear?

    Yes, singing and performing acts indeed help to overcome fear of public. We must also note, that feeling fear is a very common feeling for all, so practicing singing and performing in public certainly helps to fight it.

    Is there any difference in singing different styles?

    Well, and yes and no. Regardless the style, it is still your voice and same basics still apply (correct breathing, proper sound support, free voice stream etc.). Rest is your improvisation using your unique instrument – voice.

    Do you prepare for specific grade / examination?

    Yes, we do work with specific students where we help them to prepare for specific grades.

    Can you prepare for a performance / audition?

    Yes, we are taking personal development very seriously and are preparing actors, singers and other interested for performances or professional auditions.

    How long should I practice singing?

    It really depends on singer’s age (we do ask to take extra care for anyone who is under 15 as your voice is still not fully developed) and on personal targets and capabilities. It is hard to answer directly as there are too many variables involved.

    What we can say though is that warm-ups & vocal exercises are absolutely crucial before singing any musical composition or song.