Singing Lessons in Lucan

Singing Lessons in Lucan, conducted for all age groups & all skill levels, individual or group learning.

Singing Lessons based in Lucan

Singing as such could be many things to various people. Because some sing to express their feelings and others as their day to day habits / hobby. Others do so as a profession to make their living. What ever would be Your reasons to sing – we promise to deliver results. Improving sound support and free voice flow adapting your own – individual style.

Singing Lessons in Lucan

Classes Conducted by Vocal Coach with Higher Education (level 9)

Masters degree in both Singing Performance & Singing Tuition

Various Styles of Performance

Pop, Rock or R’n’B, Musical or Classical – all styles require specific techniques & voice preparation. We develop your voice focus, breathing support and other fundamentals. 

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Singing Lessons in Lucan

Vocal Classes for All Development Levels 

Beginners, Advanced or Professionals

Vocal Classes for All Age Groups

Various age groups require different approach when it comes to teaching fundamentals. For Kids – it is crucially important to protect their voice chords (still developing & maturing). For Youth – it is all about good techniques and basic fundamentals. While for Adults – often reverting bad habits first and then implementing fundamentals.

Singing Lessons for Children

Starting from age of 7. We build our learning process through engagement and fun. Maintaining focus while developing their self-esteem and self-expression.

Singing Lessons for Youth

Lessons for youth – personally prepared adapting to their growing personality. Because performing songs of their Idols can be extremely rewarding at their age.

Singing Lessons for Adults

Specially selected training programs. Depending on student’s vocal progress, skill level and long term goals.

All Progress Levels

Hobby or Advanced

All Age Groups

Children, Youth & Adults

Professional Tutorship

Individual or Group Classes

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